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Mark L. Labovitz
Dr. Mark L. Labovitz
Ph.D., Ph.D., MBA, M.Sci., M.Sci., M.Sci., M.Art
Managing Director of Quantitative Analysis
+1 303 587 2942
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Mark is the Managing Director of Quantitative Analysis for Avancer Group, Inc. His professional conviction is “Turning questions into actions!”

Professionally, Mark has over thirty years of experience creating business intelligence using complex data analysis methods. He has held numerous senior positions – including head of research, chief operating officer, vice president of customer intelligence, and vice president of database marketing. Mark’s performance includes designing and developing new models of risk that improved portfolio returns 300% greater than contemporary methods; developing new sales forecasting models that reduced budgetary and resource provisioning errors from 50% to less than 6%; designing and implementing indexes to improve yields greater than 400%; and developing a variety of direct marketing and sales models to improve forecasting and sales yield.

Academically, Mark is a lecturer in applied mathematics at the University of Colorado and a former adjunct faculty in computer information technologies at Regis University in Denver. He lectures and researches on topics of statistical modeling, data mining, reporting analytics, econometrics, portfolio formation & risk estimation, database marketing, optimization, quality assurance/SPC/six sigma, non-parametric modeling and analysis, financial indexing and benchmarking, decision-modeling, quantitative financial modeling, mutual fund flows, business intelligence, multiple financial asset class mixtures, extreme value modeling, and analyzing large data sets. Mark has published over 35 articles in science and business.

Educationally, Mark holds a Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Science in Applied Mathematics from the University of Colorado; a Doctor of Philosophy in Geomathematics, Master of Arts in Statistics, and Master of Science in Geology from the Pennsylvania State University; a Master of Business Administration in Strategic Planning from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania; and a Master of Science in Computer Information Technology from Regis University.